Nama File File
APIC Eliminasi A.baumanii.pdf
APSIC Guidelines for environmenta cleaning and decontamination.pdf
CDC CAUTI toolkit.pdf
CDC CLABSI toolkit.pdf
CDC Environ-Cleaning-Eval-Toolkit.pdf
CDC Environmental-Cleaning-Checklist.pdf
CDC Guidance PPE PPT.ppt
CDC Guideline Disinfection and Strilization 2008.pdf
CDC Guideline for Exposure HIV.pdf
CDC Guideline for Isolation 2007.pdf
CDC Guideline HH 2002.pdf
CDC Guideline Prevention HAP 2003.pdf
CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control 2003.pdf
CDC HAIs definition 2018.pdf
CDC MRSA_toolkit.pdf
CDC MRSA_toolkit.pptx
CDC NHSN Healthcare Personnel Safety Protocol.pdf
CDC Prevention CAUTI Guideline 2009.pdf
CDC Prevention CLBSI Guidelines 2011.pdf
CDC SSI_toolkit.pdf
CDC HICPAC Guidelines for Enviromental.pdf
CDC NHSN surveillance definition 2011.pdf
IDSA Guideline Diagnosis and Treatment CLBSI 2009.pdf
Instrumen SNARS PPI.pdf
ISID Infection Control in Hospital Guideline.pdf
Kamus Indikator-Kinerja RS.pdf
Kemenkes pedoman instalasi pusat sterilisasi di RS.pdf
Kemenkes Pedoman Manajerial PPI 2011.pdf
Kemenkes Pedoman PPI TB 2012.pdf
Permenkes No 8 tahun 2015 PPRA.pdf
Permenkes no.27 2017 Pedoman PPI.pdf
Permenkes No__7_Th_2019_ttg_Kesehatan_Lingkungan_Rumah_Sakit.pdf
Permenkes Pedoman umum penggunaan antibiotika 2011.pdf
SARI Gudelines Prevention VAP.pdf
SHEA outbreak response and incident management.pdf
SHEA Strategies to Prevent VAP.pdf
WHO Decontamination and Reprocessing Medical Devices.pdf
WHO Glove Use Information Leaflet.pdf
WHO Guidelines on HH2009.pdf
WHO Guidelines Prevention SSI.pdf
WHO guidelines tuberculosis infection control.pdf
WHO HH Technical Ref Manual .pdf
WHO Infection Control to AMR.pdf
WHO Intervention to Improve Antimicrobial Usage.pdf
WHO Molecular methods for AMR Diagnostics to Enhance GLASS.pdf
WHO Priority List MDRO.pdf
WHO Surveillancae Standart for AMR.pdf
WHO The Evolving Threat of AMR.pdf